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Join Rasa Renaissance on Facebook      Ever since Goethe danced upon reading the classic “Shaakuntala”, ever since Max Müller  edited the monumental Vedas, ever since Nietzsche mistook Zarathustra for the Wisdom of the Spiritual East, Germany has been fascinated by the great Indian Classics.  Now Distant Drummer Publishing and Holding Group of Leipzig comes with a new wave of heretofore undiscovered Rasa Classics of incomparable charm and profound wisdom for the English-reading fraternity around the world. Welcome to Distant Drummer ! Welcome to the World of Art and Literature of Rasa Renaissance. “Generations of romantics will find in these works their Land of Divine Déjà vu’s, the perfect topics of meditation, as well as the very primeval source of aesthetic inspiration and creative expression.” Welcome to a Universal Paradigm of Divine Love Welcome to 5000 years old Rasa Aesthetics for the Next Generations “These books take us to a brave new world of a brave new idiom and brave new images. This is a rainbow of rasa. ” The legendary painter Mumbiram who ‘lured’ dark ethnic beauties to his atelier is vividly and touchingly reconciled in these books with the righteous theophile, the Sanskrit scholar, the staunch proponent of economic justice and cultural prosperity. There are innumerable books about Indian Experiences written by Englishmen, Americans and now also Australians. All these writers have written about what the west likes to hear about India, what the west finds amusing about India. Then there are Indian expatriates writing about India. Unfortunately every one of these writers had lost touch with the glory of a classical India even before they (or their ancestors) left India. They at best depict India as a hopeless society with delusions of grandeur. In Mumbiram’s arrangement of things we hear what the west needs to hear about itself and about India. Mumbiram’s poems speak in idiom that is honed on the best that American Universities can produce. Yet in Mumbiram’s writing we hear the voice of one who has imbibed the best that a classical India stands for. Here is a wide-awake man who talks about ecstatic delusions. Here we have the voice of a sovereign artist who is an acutely evolved theophile. India needs a renaissance like the Lion needs Androcles. The World needs an India that continues to inspire us to its classical ideals of Love, Beauty, Knowledge, Peace and Courage of Non- violence. Mumbiram’s avant-garde presentations of the universal classical ideal rekindle our trust and hope. It is a pleasure and a privilege to present this exquisite, exotic, sensuous, rasa-revolutionary, path-breaking what-it-is. Rasa Renaissance is a great solace to the souls thirsting for Rasa or juicy climax of emotional fulfillment that we are all seeking from love, relationships, art and literature. It is not at all necessary to know Rasa Theory to relish these treasures just as one can thoroughly enjoy classical Indian raga-music without knowing the names and characteristics of the raga-classification. Posters Books Special Posters