About Distant Drummer Distant Drummer - A German-Indian Confluence Eight years ago a group of young India-lovers hailing from  historical Leipzig in Germany discovered Artist Dr.Mumbiram of  India whose Personalist Art has already been a proven German  Favorite for the past twenty-five years. This group calling itself  “Distant Drummer Publishing and Holding Company” went on to  support the efforts of Mumbiram&Party to lay the groundwork of  the ambitious task of reviving the classical Rasa Theory of  aesthetics of Art and Literature.  Leipzig at the forefront of a new aesthetic movement Leipzig University once had a strong Indology Department. (Max  Mueller first studied Sanskrit at Leipzig.) Leipzig also once had led in  Book Printing. Forces of war and politics had reduced all that. Distant  Drummer represents a glorious revival of erudite German interest in  treasures of classical India. Zestful collaboration between Distant  Drummer and Mumbiram&Party has produced bounties beyond  everyone’s wildest dreams. A new aesthetic movement is taking shape  under the banner of Rasa Renaissance. Seven years on, Distant Drummer is holding valuable rights to Books,  Exhibitions, Catalogues, series of Collected Folk Tales, Poster  campaigns and reproductions of Rasa Art and Literature. With  intelligently designed promotional campaigns for its debut, Distant  Drummer stands in an enviable position.  “Whatever has been introduced to the English readership so far of Indian Classics has been either over-simplified children´s versions at one end or nitpicking dry academic versions at the other end. Neither of these versions either captures the sublime spirit of the original Sanskrit Classic or catches popular imagination in a way that translates into publishing success.”  DISTANT DRUMMER Publishing and Holding Company Art and Literature of Rasa Renaissance