Art of Rasa Renaissance Come with us !  Acquire the Rasa Renaissance Posters The domain of contemporary art is laid barren by meaningless abstraction, compulsive  self-inflicted distortions and ridiculous installations. Art has lost its credibility. It is  prime-facie irrelevant. Art lovers are becoming cynical about the intellectual pseudo-  spiritual props that must hold up all contemporary art.   We are all becoming cynical that auction houses have become the arbiters of what is  good taste and what is beautiful. There exists no theory of aesthetics that would  provide us with reasonable criteria to gauge the relative merits of works of Art. All art-  criticism has become subservient to the market-place and entirely impotent. Art has  lost its romance.   It has taken one man's courage to stand up to the onslaught. In Mumbiram's estimate,  contemporary art has been languishing in a never-ending reaction to post-industrial  shock. It is as if the realm of human emotions stands negated forever. Contemporary  Art is hiding its own head in the sand and turning us all into cynics  Far away from the haloed portals of academia, far away from the auctions and the  galleries, transcending the din of the market place (lit.), here you see art reawakening  to the personal realm.  Mumbiram is bringing in the Rasa Theory of aesthetic criticism to the domain of  contemporary visual arts. Rasa Theory is not at all new. It has existed since antiquity  that produced great classics of Sanskrit literature that have endured through the  millenniums. If the books of the "High Five of Love" ensemble are the flagships of the nascent Rasa  Renaissance Movement in Art and Literature, Mumbiram's independently created  painterly masterpieces that adorn their pages are the crescent banners of those  flagships.  We have selected a few of these masterpieces and produced attractive Posters of Rasa  Renaissance that we can flaunt in support of the Rasa Renaissance. Be the first ones to  join the clarion call of this courageous nascent movement that is bringing back the  romance into the domain of Contemporary Art. Acquire one of these limited edition  prints on canvas paper. Each one will be individually signed by the Artist as a personal  offering to a genuine Lover of Art, a Rasik.  Let us liberate the Garden of Art. Let every tree along the river, at every turn of the  path, every shady bower along the way, be resounding with cacophony of cuckoos  maddened by mango blossoms and buzzing of hordes of bumblebees lusting after  honey. Let there be Deluges of Rasa. Watch the Movie: “Labyrinth of a Renaissance” To see the Comprehensive Repertoire of Mumbiram’s Work   DISTANT DRUMMER Publishing and Holding Company Art and Literature of Rasa Renaissance