Be a Rasik Books of Rasa Renaissance Posters of Rasa Renaissance DISTANT DRUMMER Publishing and Holding Company Art and Literature of Rasa Renaissance Here is your chance to make a statement about the state of affairs in contemporary art. Are you not tired of meaningless abstractions, self-inflicted distortions and ridiculous installations that are an insult to our intelligence and an affront to our sensitivities ? Are you not tired of being cynical about Art ? Or have you given up ? One courageous man has stood up to the nonsense and hypocrisy of big-money contemporary art that works like some real estate mafia. Liberate Art by exposing this mafia. Free yourself from cynicism. Bring human emotions and Rasa back into Art ! Be a Rasik ! Flaunt a Rasa Renaissance Poster at your nest, at your work place. Buy a book of Rasa Renaissance. Taste the thrill of  Renaissance. In our own times. You can afford it. If you know a friend who will appreciate it , have him/her visit our site. Flaunt the Rasa Renaissance logo on your site. Help yourself to one from several offered below. Become a friend of Rasa Renaissance on Facebook. If not now, when? Show your solidarity with Rasa Renaissance by displaying one of these logos on your website, your dashboard, at home or workplace. It takes courage of convictions and aesthetic integrity to let yourself tune to the beat of the distant drummer, when everyone else is marching to the tune of 'installation' and 'existentialism' in Art and Literature.