Author - Artist Dr. Mumbiram of India One of the rare artists to combine the scholarly traditions of aesthetics and  spirituality of Eternal India with the folk as well as contemporary populist realities of  Modern India, Artist Mumbiram holds a very unique position in contemporary art  world.  "Firmly rooted in Indian traditions, aware without being overcome by such western  greats as Matisse, Picasso and Steinberg, Mumbiram deserves high position amongst  contemporary Indian Artists", wrote renowned art critic Stuart Cary Welch of  Harvard University about a young  Mumbiram in 1978. Today Mumbiram is the prime  mover of 'Personalist Painting' the only indigenous contemporary art movement with  a sense of purpose and direction.   Artist Dr. Mumbiram made his studio and residence in Pune's downtown Mandai  Market since 1980, after 12 years in America.   (Mumbiram holds a Doctor of  Philosophy degree from the University of California at Berkeley, 1973.)  Working with very austere circumstances and without any institutional support  Mumbiram made exceptionally beautiful portraits of the folk people of India. In  Mumbiram´s painting you invariably see these handsome contemporaries of ours  as loving associates of the beautiful adolescent Krishna of Indian mythology.   His art that goes beyond the caste barriers of India was readily admired and  appreciated by art lovers from all corners of the world. His residence had a steady  stream of handsome visitors of the indigenous castes and tribes of India on the one  hand and overseas art lovers that were attracted by his very unique fame on the  other hand.   Mumbiram has always been deeply involved in the lives of the people that appear in  his paintings. More often than not, these are the poorest people of India. Mumbiram  depends on them for his daily bread as well as his emotional sustenance.  In spite of the general apathy of Indian society to art and artists, in spite of the  caste jealousies prevalent in the local social atmosphere, what Mumbiram has  achieved is something we can all be proud of.  Mumbiram is the prime proponent of the Personalism movement in Art and  Philosophy. It is the only contemporary art movement of substance that can save  the world of modern art from meaningless abstraction and irrelevance. His path-  breaking masterpiece "Forest Women Visit Krishna and the Gopis" (Oil on canvas,  1985) is undoubtedly one of the most important paintings of the twentieth century.  It presently languishes in the private collection of a high Mercedes-Benz executive  in Stuttgart.  Unlike most contemporary Indian Art, these paintings are not in the sway of  meaningless distortion and irrelevance in the name of modernity and abstraction.  Artist Mumbiram has evolved his own painterly idiom that exhibits astounding  versatility as well as virtuosity.   “It is an avant-garde avataar of the inimitable classical Indian ideal.” Mumbiram´s paintings are exquisite neo-modern glimpses of intimate moments in  the meditation of love-stricken votaries of God. Mumbiram´s art shows people of all  races and creeds in a contemporary idiom. It breathes life into the words of the  ancient esoteric classics and brings the visions of the scriptures into today´s broad  daylight.  Beyond any doubt Mumbiram is the most literary of our contemporary painters.  Mumbiram's paintings abound in references to great classics.  Seven years ago a group of young German men and women from historic Leipzig  saw some of Mumbiram´s masterpieces in Germany and were so impressed that on  their trip to India they sought Mumbiram out in historic Pune. This Artist is as  interesting as his Art. His attire, his speech, his gait, his style, his perspective, his  profound erudition in Sanskrit classics, his easy rapport with the folk people of  India, the works.   This group of Leipzigers decided to form the Distant Drummer Publishing and  Holding group to represent Artist Mumbiram at nearly all levels in all variety of  artistic and financial dealings.  After seven years of ceaseless effort Distant Drummer have produced art quality  books of little-known Sanskrit classics translated by Mumbiram into superb English  of contemporary idiom. All these are lavishly embellished with Mumbiram's  timeless masterpieces. The "High Five of Love" ensemble of five art quality books is  their first ambitious production. These books stand shoulder to shoulder with  Fizgerald´s translation of the “Rubaiyat” and Sir Richard Burton´s translation of  the “Arabian Nights” as books that profoundly awakened the English language to  new heights of emotional expression.  Distant Drummer is aware that Artist Mumbiram has consciously stayed away from  agents, galleries, museums and governments. Distant Drummer also appreciates  that Mumbiram´s art has the quality of timeless classics precisely because he has  stayed away from the guiles of big money art. Mumbiram is proud that his art has  the direct appeal which inspires ordinary amateur art-lovers to make their first  ever purchase of an original masterpiece directly from the master. Yet Distant  Drummer feels the World of Art remains the poorer as long as this Artist of great  aesthetic integrity remains popularly undiscovered. Distant Drummer wishes to  introduce to the world Artist Mumbiram who is destined to become one of the best  loved artists of our times.  DISTANT DRUMMER Publishing and Holding Company Art and Literature of Rasa Renaissance Watch the Movie: “Labyrinth of a Renaissance” Visit Mumbiram’s Homepage