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Books are certainly the most peculiar facet of the human civilization on our planet. Indeed not all galaxies may have such civilizations inhabiting them. Yet Love as we know is truly universal. This ensemble of 21 plus charcoal renderings by Artist Mumbiram of India is about books, love, Love of books and books of love. Mumbiram is the prime mover of the Personalist Movement in philosophy and art. His art brings out the sensitive and romantic aesthetics of the east-west confluence. Here erudition meets innocence. Here classics appear with a contemporary idiom. Mumbiram is creating archetypes of a transculture ethos.   There could be no better campaign for popularizing book-reading in the electronic age where book-reading has become an endangered vanishing activity. Beyond any doubt Mumbiram is the most literary of our contemporary painters. Mumbiram's paintings abound in references to great classics. What is more Books appear importantly even in the sensuous erotic works of Mumbiram. They play the same intimate role in arousal of amorous feelings in young hearts as say the Sandalwood Scented Wind from the Malaya Mountain or the Cacophony of Cuckoos in the Spring Season, or Hordes of Bumblebees Lusting After Honey. The Exhibition Catalogue of the BookReaders Ensemble includes: 1.Foreword 2.Love on the Gutenberg Galaxy 3.Who is Mumbiram ? 4.The Literary Artist 5.Mumbiram in his own words 6.References on Mumbiram's work 7.References on Rasa Theory We would like to send you a PDF Document of the Catalogue. DISTANT DRUMMER Publishing and Holding Company Art and Literature of Rasa Renaissance BOOK READERS “Love on the Gutenberg Galaxy”