Labyrinth of a Renaissance: Artist Mumbiram's studio in a dilapidated house in downtown Pune from where he launched the ambitious Rasa Renaissance Movement... PART 1 Classical Artist and his Muses "Peacock that danced in the Forest" (and only a few saw !) PART 2 “Icons of a Renaissance": Masterpieces of Mumbiram's "Personalist Painting" The world of Contemporary Art will again be resounding with cacaphony of Cuckoos maddened by Mango Blossoms and buzzing of hordes of Bumblebees lusting after Honey! PART 3 "Rasa Classics": With words and visions the articulate Artist Mumbiram invokes the ideals of the Classical Rasa Theory of aesthetic appreciation in the domain of Contemporary Art laid barren by meaningless abstraction, compulsive distortions and ridiculous installations. DISTANT DRUMMER Publishing and Holding Company Art and Literature of Rasa Renaissance